Hi, let’s xxplore.

A harmony keeper. She believes that people should gather each other’s opinions to create a magnificent one as the solution of obstacle they encounter, the notion could be assumed to be fit into other aspects in life. Sometimes contemplating about what should and shouldn’t, to get through a tunnel of inconvenient yet challenging circumstance. Sometimes trap in a perfect concept of sincerity, honesty, and direct information delivery but remain stable to handle disappointment as she possesses high endurance trait.

Curiosity isn’t a killer, expectation is. A people person who’s thirsty for knowledge through manner and attitude, because both herself and others should get appraisal for their existence.

Gaining strength from mingling and writing. She archives ideas and concepts into words that circling her mind relentlessly into this blog. It shows her self-development from time to time in writing, thinking, and behavioral notes to reflect what’s to keep or omit to be the best version of her in the dynamic society. Observe, learn, analyze, understand, share.


Let’s build something together.