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How do you feel when words, ideas, and other thoughts are running in your mind relentlessly. They keep coming until you feel like throwing up or feel a heaviness on your breathing? Here it is, a blog that helps me canalizing the tightness into words. It contains personal thinking about experiences I’ve through as a human being. As a personal blog, indeed the posts are written through my perspective.


Portfolio: Writings

“Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions.”

Paulo Coelho

2015 – Present

Casual writings on the blog about everything I have experienced. I made some writing projects individually or required collaborators.

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September – October 2018
LINE@ Website – Content Writer

I worked as a freelance. Interview and write articles about the success story of LINE@ partners. The articles are intended to engage more visitors by uplifting LINE@ features and promote small businesses, communities, BOTs, etc.

Supervised by Ritsah Qur’anis and Joviana Aprilia



For more articles, please visit LINE@ Official Website

January 2018
Contributor on 30 Hari BerCerita 2018

Annual mini project on Instagram. Wrote and post one story worth share each day in 30 days. I recorded on this blog and split it up into five pages.

30 HBC 18 PART 1
30 HBC 18 PART 2
30 HBC 18 PART 3
30 HBC 18 PART 4
30 HBC 18 PART 5

Contributor on ccfikomunpad.org

I wrote movie reviews on the annual project named Holiday Guide Book project by Cinematography Club Fikom Unpad.

Supervised by CC Fikom Unpad


Portfolio: Social Media

“Find your sweet spot: the intersection between what you know and what your customers need to know.”

Joe Pulizzi


Instagram on @tashafa, a platform where I express myself, message, thoughts, and ideas with photos and captions. Contained shorter personal project and competition.


Dec 2018 – Present

Indonesian Diaspora Connect on @diasporaconnect.id, Responsible to manage content, weekly theme, managing content creators, supervise wordings and design from the graphic designer. Coordinate directly to the COO for approval content plans.


Mar – Jun 2019

Kolega Coworking Space on @kolegaco, Coworking space company in Jakarta, the account is only for branding purpose to show Kolega’s values such as #gotongroyong, #produktif, #kolaborasi, with strong community and flexible yet productive environment. 




2018 – Present

Mencoba Belajar on @mencobabelajar, an account to share knowledge in general, talk about trending topics, fun facts, life hacks, etc. Create content and captions, coordinate with graphic designer.



Social Media Marketing on @prongs.id, a re-branding project in marketing communication subject. We chose semprong as a traditional snack we’d like to re-brand. I responsible to be a LINE@ and Instagram admin.

Portfolio: On & Off Screen

“I started making my own short films as a way of being able to give myself something to do and to study my craft.”

Ruby Rose
My contributions are in the art department and script writing. The shots are taken in Bogor and Depok.

Directed by: Abd Faiz | Director of Photography: Abd Faiz | Art Director: Tasha Fitri Amalia | Camera Operator 1: Rama Teja Sukmana | Camera Operator 2: Ivan Aulia | Camera Operator 3: Marsudi Sulaiman | Editor: Abd Faiz Ronin | Boys: Rama Teja Sukmana & Marsudi Sulaiman | Production Assistant: Tasha Fitri Amalia & Rama Teja Sukmana | Colorist: Abd Faiz | Make Up Artist : Tasha Fitri Amalia | Behind The Scene: Anton Ardiarto & Ivan Aulia | Best Boy: Gemilang Sayyef | Extras: Ivan Aulia & Rama Teja Sukmana | Talent : Muhammad Bagya Mutamar, Aquino Umar & Masaji Wijayanto | Suzuki Bravo Owner: Marsudi Sulaiman | Production Year: 2018 | Poem: Helvy Tiana Rosa | Vokal: Mochammad Yogie (Jumpakustik) | Guitar: Mochammad Yogie (Jumpakustik) | Keyboard: Taufan Aris Munandar (Jumpakustik) | Special thanks to Koma Cafe Depok & Asma Nadia
It’s a video clip from Gadis Kecil Short Movie which still unpublished due to private interests. I’m as Art Director specialized in wardrobe and properties, while directing the make up artist to the concept agreed by director and producer.
NARATOR: Sunuy | AARON: Luthfi | BEN/ Benyamin: Satan | ALEX/ Alexandra: Ranny | BOY/ Prilly: Miftah | MAK IDA: Tasha (Acha) | LELA: Putday | GEMBEL-dikata GILA: Mamen | COWO PASANGAN: Ocat | CEWE PASANGAN: Farah | SI-ANIDA/ Anida Hanifah: Hani | COWO ANIDA 1: Ryo | COWO ANIDA 2: Dino | CEWE TAMAN 1: Sofi | CEWE TAMAN 2: Elsa | ORANG 1: Velin | ORANG 2: Rafika | ORANG 3: Paw | ORANG 4: Sofi | ORANG 5: Elsa
Koordinator Tim: Miftah F. Rahman | Sutradara: Miftah F. Rahman | Asisten Sutradara: Rahman Ghifari | Scriptwriter: Miftah F. Rahman | Bendahara: Rafika Aisyah | Art Director & Penata Kostum: Tasha Fitri Amalia | Penata Rias: Natasha Audrey dan Dwiarti Rizky Fauziah | Penata Setting Properti dan Dekorasi: Farah Andayani | Penata Cahaya: Irfan dan Alfian | Penata Musik: Gilbert (gitaris), Ihsan Fahmil (gendang) dan Tulus (vokalis) | Logistik: Velin Logistik Uberales | Inventaris Barang: Luthfi Kurniawan Joshi
1. Butoh Dance in Darkness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUSLH…
2. Tehellet – Jonny Greenwood