Pulang (2)

Jika pulang didefinisikan sebagai kembalinya seseorang ke rumah, apakah rumah seperti ini memiliki nilai bila hanya angin dan debu yang menyambut?


Pulang (1)

Bila tidak melihatmu sebulan membuatku sangat merindu, bagaimana mereka yang hanya pulang setahun sekali, bahkan tidak pernah pulang?

After the Rain

What do you want?

What do I want?
Maybe I want to travel the world.
Maybe I want to sit on my bed
      and read my favorite books.

Or maybe...
    just maybe...

I simply want to sip
   a cup of coffee
     with you
         beside me
              in the afternoon.

after the rain.

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The International Coffee Day

Some articles say that the ENFP is the most introverted extrovert. That statement could be the answer to my deepest question. I like being alone sometimes but delighted to meet new people. Tend to be independent, but love to hang out with the crowds. And for this afternoon, I’m having my uncountable me time, to celebrate the international coffee day and to find myself back from the combination of life pressure and boring routine. So, I must say, Happy International Coffee Day!