Beautiful writing to illustrate the awkwardness between he & she. Say no more, it breaks me.

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POV – 1

Of all the coffee shops in town, why here?
Of all the towns and cities in the country and the world, why here?

“Apa kabar?”

“Baik. Apa kabar?”

“Baik juga.”

Awkward silence. Something we, no, I used to avoid. It always signals something wrong. But it was then. This is now. Quick, brain! Think of something!

“Eh, iya. Maaf lahir batin, ya.”

“Oh, iya. Maaf lahir batin juga.”

“Kapan sampai?”

“Kemarin. Erm, udah lama mudik?”

That brief pause when you don’t know what to address me? Really? I thought we’re past this.

“Dua hari sebelum Lebaran sudah di sini. Kok tumben ke sini?”

“Mau lanjut road trip besok pagi, hiking, terus keliling-keliling. Jadi mampir dulu.”

“Oh ya? Wah, keren. Iya sih, harus berangkat pagi-pagi banget kalau mau dapet pemandangan bagus. Sendiri?”

Somehow I have a feeling I will regret…

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