One Afternoon You Talked About Your Flaws, I Sat Down


There this girl, one of my best friend. She needed an afternoon talk to express her grief towards life. Especially about one thing she can’t handle herself. One night she asked my agreement about how good she is at keeping things nicely. To let other people think that she is smart, she is strong, she doesn’t have any problems, she is happy, she ambitious, she is something, she manipulates things like others do. She creates her own image like everyone does. And I said, “Yes, you are great at it. Even sometimes you are to me, like you have no flaws.” But everyone sure has their own kryptonite, so does her. It’s about love.

She has no idea how to handle love thingy, so that’s her part which she could be literally honest besides keeping her boyfriend’s secret. Other than that, she barely has no clue on what to think or feel or act. She experienced a black-blank-world after her first break up. At that time, I thought she could handle it. But she couldn’t. So I manage myself to be there every time she needs me. The fact that depression issue is spreading all over the world could lead to an unwanted accident, I’m trying to be there for everyone.


So I decided to bring her to the hidden gem near our house (that I just found out in the morning). To assure her that it is okay to bring out her feelings, I let her sit on a yellow-nice-comfort sofa and act like she was my guest at an Afternoon Show. Gladly, the sky turned dark as one two raindrops fell. We were cheering when we heard the thunder and the raindrops hit the ground, the ceramic, the roof, everything. The wind blew some dead leaves on the street, caressing our cheeks as we got out of the door. We got inside again and the story goes on. It’s me, heard her story, laughed sometimes, interrupted her to deliver my thought, then all is good now.

The photos were taken before the rain. More photos on my Instagram. To find the hidden gem, you better ask me or find it yourself.


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