Another Perspective from Sunflowers


A bunch of sunflowers is having a good talk, gossipping about humans.

“Look at those people, at the time like this, they still have to wait for some traffic lights. What are they doing all this day? It is not the time when you still at someplace but home.”
“What are they after by the way? Something that could provide their temporary happiness? They are wasting time!”
“Geez, shut up. Humans are complicated, they are different one to another. That man in blue shirt could be the one that helps his sick grandmother. He’s outside so he could buy the medicine. And that shiny black sedan with a star on top of its hood could be driven by someone that provides a school for street children.”
“Why would they do that?”
“Maybe because of their love?”
“Love? Look at us, we can’t feel love, we can’t feel anything, and we are fine. We don’t have to work for life. We are alive.”
“But our lives so short compared to the human.”
“Aren’t they tired?”
“Of course they are.”
“Because tired is temporary. Once they go to bed, they will be refreshed.”
“And start these stuff all over again?”
“So, being a human is to do things over and over again?”
“Not all the human is doing some boring stuff.”
“I envy them actually, they could go everywhere they want. Humans have to be so grateful becoming what they are.”
“You might right.”
“Hhh, my head is hurt. I’m so glad that me, us, just a bunch of sunflowers.”
“Well, you don’t even have a head, you know.”
“I know, I’m just like expressing feeling like humans.”
“So, you are much like a human now?”
“Ugh, don’t start!”


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