Uty, whom I admired

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Meeting with Uty was incredible. We always meet in sudden occurrences, having a short and a full understanding of each other. No burdens to talk about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. The one whom I admire and respect since our KKN days in Ciranjeng for her bluntness, her effortless traits, her sincerity, her wild habit but got the attitude and family-oriented girl. From the talk we did, she stated:

“You perceive everything is fun, Cha.”

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Bandung Beruntung

Bandung beruntung, ia dicintai penduduknya. Hingga pendatang penasaran ada apa di dalamnya. Saat mereka datang, merekapun jatuh cinta hingga waktunya mereka pergi. Beberapa yang bertandang sebentarpun paham mengapa Bandung patut dicintai.

Bandung beruntung, ia dicintai penduduknya, para pendatang, hingga mereka yang baru mengenal permukaannya — kecuali di akhir pekan.

24 Oktober 2018


Travel membawaku dari Depok ke Bandung. Begitu turun, aku heran bagaimana kota ini bisa menyejukkan di waktu tanggung antara pagi dan siang. Ternyata, ia memang menyenangkan dan apa adanya.

Mencari Sosok Kopi dalam Cokelat

“Mungkin kamu mencari sosok, mungkin sifatnya ada di sesuatu yang kamu temui, tapi bukan seperti sesuatu itu. Melainkan seperti sosok yang kamu cari tersebut.” – Dinda Amalia Rizki, 01/08/18

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Anak sastra indie ngobrol sama puun.

Keadaan gue sekarang bikin gue gak bisa lagi minum kopi. Gak mungkin gue nikmatin cairan pekat itu, tanpa khawatir kafeinnya bangkitin episode yang merugikan gue dan orang sekitar secara emosional. Gue percaya ada korelasinya antara kafein dengan keadaan gue setelah dokter, psikolog, dan banyak artikel ngebahas tentang Do’s and Don’t’s orang kayak gue.

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A love letter for cinnamon rolls

It started with a good smell
I fell for you since the first time I passed a bakery, where you were hanging on the display. but I was on a diet
so I decided not to think about you anymore

I fell on admiration when I discovered the benefit of you + honey + warm water
flat belly was formed as I consumed you regularly
every morning

I fell in love, it got stronger as I understood that you’re not the one that’ll ruin my weight. eat you once in a while won’t be bad.
walking by the bakery, smell the fresh-baked of you and other croissants has been my favorite thing to do
every office-hour morning
if I arrived earlier than I should

I feel like getting permission to love you freely, to buy you with no hesitation, to eat you without regret
my love for you has grown

Thank you, for your existence
My dear cinnamon rolls
(or cinnamon in general)

missing my mirror

a dominant Ti with inferior Fe told the aux Fi with tertiary Te not to show feeling. now she’s clueless what to do, as if her life has been wronged this whole time. she remembered the aux Fe with tertiary Ti said: “why do you have to listen to other people?”

she understood the concept and always wanted to do it, but somehow she couldn’t. she misses her mirror, for telling her something she can’t, to give her hope that she has the potential to do that thing.

she also needs her counterpart, the dominant Fi with inferior Te who has been busy a whole month. she needs ears to listen, not words to tell her what to do something she isn’t.

perhaps, planning to meet her clan would be better.

“Cha, makasih ya.”

“Iya mas, makasih juga. Kalo kemarin gue bilang gak bisa, mas kepikirannya siapa?”

“Gak ada, ya dikerjain sendiri. Belom ada yang bisa gantiin lo sama si Ndut. Gak tau deh bakal ada atau enggak.”

“Gak apa-apa, gue gak kemana-mana. Sekarang gue gak nyari mas, nunggu orang yang cari gue.”

“Kayak Yana?”

“Iya, kayak Yana. Dia hampir selalu nyari gue, makanya gue cari balik. Dengan kayak gitu, gue jadi tau siapa yang mau untuk gue isi hari-harinya, gue temenin, dengerin ceritanya, ketawa bareng, lengkapi idenya, diskusi untuk cari solusi, dipahami dan memahami, bantu kalo ada masalah.”

Tentang titik pertemuan; menemukan atau ditemukan, mencari atau dicari. Saling.

Riuh Rendah Terminal

Mata mulai terkatup dalam angkutan umum tertutup. Sayup-sayup kehidupan terminal semakin ramai tatkala dimulai konser kecil-kecilan di balik tembok pembatas. Lirik-lirik familiar yang biasa didendangkan di televisi, mengalun merdu. Entah lagu siapa atau siapa yang berdiri di tengah panggung, memimpin para pemusik, menelisik malam dengan mengambil spot tengah paling terang di hadapan penonton.

Sebuah pengumuman kedatangan kereta terdengar dari pengeras suara stasiun. Seketika lantunan lagu patah hati dipatahkan oleh dengung familiar peringatan kereta. Berdengung, ning- nung, ting-nung kata anak kecil di sebelah. Klakson gusar kendaraan di belakang menimpa suara malam. Teriakan sahut menyahut kesal pada supir yang terkesan serakah, memaksakan penumpang walau tahu tempat sudah habis ditiban pantat.

Seiring mata terkatup, kehidupan terminal hanya nina bobo. Pengiring doa agar kendaraan bergerak, mengantarkan pada kenyamanan ruang, yang membuat aman proses pelepasan perisai.

Selasa, 9 Oktober 2018
Terminal Depok


This week, my heart felt full. You know, to have meetings with everyone.

A meeting with Miwa last Saturday. We talked about our dreams, put thoughts on the concept, unique point, approaching strategy. Continued with topics of life, enlightenment where we put our heart into. It started from Twitter, which led us to be brave on starting “the game”. She’s an inspiring one. She manages to be in the industry, she has been loving since JHS. It’s her story.

On Monday, I had a meeting with the CEO of Tolongin, Mas Kamal, to know more about his company’s LINE@ usage for finishing my freelance website project. It was great to know him and his vision on Tolongin. He has a sincere reason to make it bigger than just an online delivery service in Jatinangor. His mission is outstanding, to make a connection between local people and the college students in a harmonious and profitable way, which never happened before. His background was from Political Science but end up to get a big role in the business management field. Started from simple reason to get extra money as a student, he was changed into an #AgentOfChange to help the less fortunate. For the further story, I’ll have it serve on a single post under the Stubborn-Hearted category.

On Tuesday, a phone call with Udes was beyond. I missed her laugh and jokes. Though it was short, she helped me to make a decision on quandary from afternoon phone call I had not wait anymore. Whatever it was, it felt great to hear her voice.

On Wednesday, Aldwin picked me up at WTC to have a dinner (Bubur Barito FTW!), then we took a way to try newly-opened-but-half-finished Desari (Depok-Antasari) Toll Road. It’s fun to talk to him, as he always has topics that pop out from the corners of his brain. He asked opinions, gave fun facts, talked about future, values, headline issues, etc. Even we talked about a sensitive topic I never thought will have the courage to talk with a guy. But since he seemed okay (well, the car was quite dim so I wasn’t sure I couldn’t see his eyes but he kept on talking then I assumed it was okay). It’s so fascinating to meet an open-minded and smart one. So bad we didn’t have time to take a walk and visit his JHS (I acted like I don’t care because I was so tired, but honestly I was curious to see an old building at night).

On Thursday, Demi visited me at WTC. Last week, I asked her whether she’d come to Jakarta or stay in Cikarang. Luckily, this whole week she was assigned to work at the representative office of Schlumberger in Jakarta. We agreed to meet and yay she came. I called her “My Former Prospective Company Mate” and she was like “Stop it, I was sorry- not-sorry you didn’t get the acceptance letter. But you gotta be grateful because I have something to tell you and this would be a topic I never talked to anyone except my parents and boyfie” I was like “whoa, could you please be hurry picking your BB Cream but take your time but not too long because I can’t hardly wait to hear it! And please, who’s Dicki by the way? Where’s *peep*?” “Well, that’s another story.” “YES PLEASE!” We had dinner at Jalan Penjernihan I, a medium-sized street between Mayapada Tower and WTC Office Complex Area. Guess what! I felt blessed, really. For some reasons, with me being in this company and not in her company is the best deal I can get for now. Then about Dicki, my heart was full of excitement to hear about how Dicki has treated her these past months, compared to her last ex. Glad to hear she’s finally free from a guy who has a bad temper, uncontrolled manner, harsh verbally and physically.

On Friday, I barely met Fifi who turns out being an intern in the building I’ve visited almost everyday this week. Yup, she works in WTC 3 building. So sad we couldn’t find a time that day. Lol Mankom graduates being consultants’ slave but I don’t care, it’s fun! Perhaps we should welcome Qio next week as she will be starting his Marcomm Intern position in the same company with Fifi. Fifi works as an HR Intern btw. In Commuterline, Yn also asked me to meet at Sama Dengan near Duren Kalibata Station but I already promised mama to be at home right away. So, we planned the meeting on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, Yn told me her InyiMinyi updated her photo and added a caption “Thanks for always be there” like, I know how she loves this person and his InstaStory proved that he still cares with my super duper close creme de la creme best friend. After heard about Demi’s story, Yn’s story made me more blessed to feel this full. To witness a confusing yet cute relationship, where they fought for each other, suppressed their ego, being honest with each other, helping in every circumstance, etc. As Sunday morning felt so long and she’s better to use a whole day relaxing her flexes, we changed it to Saturday evening. The meeting was super fun. I forgot when was the last time we shared a laugh that hard. We talked about her work and my first week, the refugees and snob people she met, her accomplishment in funding team, how she works with new people and their distinct backgrounds. Then, we hopped to Ayam Babeh, a legendary fried chicken known for its chicken innards and special sambal. We continued talking about family, kebaya for the graduation ceremony, graduation robe fitting date, and so on. Glad to have her in my priority lists.

I often opt to talk one on one or three in max and happens for hours. The depth of topics that shared usually widen as the time rolling.

Observasi Minggu Pertama

Mulai Selasa, saya akan bolak-balik rumah dan WTC setiap hari kerja selama 8 jam + 1 jam istirahat. Status yang bukan karyawan tetap memberi efek upah yang tidak seberapa. Istilahnya, hanya cukup ongkos dalam sehari. Untuk tetap bisa berhemat mengikuti arus para eksekutif yang berkarier di ibu kota, saya coba berbagai hal untuk menemukan cara paling murah selama tiga bulan ke depan.

Selasa, 2 Oktober 2018 = Gojek

Berangkat sampai stasiun dianter Idun sekalian pemantapan di sekolah, yang mana ia harus sampai pukul 06:00. Pukul berapa kita keluar rumah? Pukul 05:45. Saya melakukan ini itu, menunggu, berangkat dari Stasiun Pondok Cina pukul 06:45. Cukup ganas, saya akui. Mungkin para pekerja mengejar masuk kantor pukul 08:00. Sampai di stasiun, saya leha-leha lalu naik Gojek Rp9.000,- sampai pukul 07:55, padahal diminta datang pukul 09:00 hehe. Emang suka gitu karena terlalu semangat. Biar gak bosen jadi keliling, alesannya mau ke Family Mart lewat pos di tengah. Scanning hari pertama oke, ada bakery, Auntie Ann’s, Family Mart, Chatime, Starbucks, Guardian, dan lainnya. Continue reading “Observasi Minggu Pertama”