A love letter for cinnamon rolls

It started with a good smell
I fell for you since the first time I passed a bakery, where you were hanging on the display. but I was on a diet
so I decided not to think about you anymore

I fell on admiration when I discovered the benefit of you + honey + warm water
flat belly was formed as I consumed you regularly
every morning

I fell in love, it got stronger as I understood that you’re not the one that’ll ruin my weight. eat you once in a while won’t be bad.
walking by the bakery, smell the fresh-baked of you and other croissants has been my favorite thing to do
every office-hour morning
if I arrived earlier than I should

I feel like getting permission to love you freely, to buy you with no hesitation, to eat you without regret
my love for you has grown

Thank you, for your existence
My dear cinnamon rolls
(or cinnamon in general)


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