Black hole

Let me fall into your black hole, then I won’t even try to escape. I’ll build a comfy shelter to share with. If it’s possible, I’ll build a home to live in. To rest your heart at the safest place and the tightest hug you’ve ever known.
Let’s just hope, would it be happen?


How’s coffee?

“How’s your feelings?”
“Hey Cha, what’s up?”
“I’m just doing something that reminds me of you.”
“What are you doing?”
“Drinking coffee”

“Cha, I’m good. But I gotta go.”
“Yeah, sure. You always go. Glad to know you’re good.”
The convo happened on my mind because I refuse to be left.


You don’t have to look anywhere to find your soulmate, because you’re looking at one.

You may have more than a soulmate, therefore it doesn’t have certain status. Soulmate is soulmate, a mate for your soul. It’s different from a best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, even family. Anyone can be a soulmate, but a soulmate can’t be anyone. A soulmate isn’t only able to get you, but also matches your soul (a combination of both feelings and physical, the same way of thinking, can’t only be carried one category). Soulmate is on another level where you just can’t understand what it is. You can’t explain the proximity it has, but you can always feel it.

Soulmate isn’t only love, it’s beyond.