The Writer

A coffee enthusiast, super positive minded, happiness seeker. Covered with blue, black, gray, and white, with a little touch of yellow, green, and flowers. Only drink mineral water, milk, coffee, and tea.

In love with astronomy since a little. An astronaut wannabe, but reality hit her hard. Always interested to get insight and inspiration from whoever you are, wherever I am, whenever I can. Social observer with a pocketful of perspective, an expert about herself. The way she analyzes come into a conclusion from present and general, to past and specific.

“I’m not being indecisive. I know what I want and how to achieve, but we’re in this together. I need to hear your opinion, see through your perspective. Then we build something we call as ours. Please do your thing, but don’t leave. Sit still, wander around, and be focused.” – Tafia, the way she works.