Be Strong

Such an encouraging statement to start the day, a wish for a better day, a better me.


Others may not understand your language, your expertise, your viewpoint, but everyone understands the language of kindness and sincerity.

Tafia, February 12, 2019

Ready When You’re Not

Be ready, anytime and anywhere. Not to chase what’s going, because what’s going may not be yours. But to welcome what’s coming, because what’s coming will be yours and it’s not wise to wasting.

Tafia, February 11, 2019

“Be ready” is a wide concept. You’re not only need to be physically strong, emotionally stable, fully aware of yourself (your interest, your skills, your capability, your willingness to embrace novelty, but also have control not to let others determine you, not to let them judge who you aren’t. Do not trust others fully, but you got to give them space freely.

Yes the world is already full, its complexity is overwhelming, your looks shows who you are and each level, each stage of anything has different treatment. Fortunately, the world isn’t created black and white

Tafia, February 1, 2019


Lemarimu penuh dan aku gak suka berjejal dalam ruangan sempit. Rapikan, buang yang gak lagi perlu. Kalau memang gak mau usaha beres-beres, jangan beli isi baru. Makanya cari kualitas dan sesuai dengan yang kamu suka, agar awet. Lemari tambahan bukan solusi, malah bikin mubazir dan mempersempit rumah. Lagian, emang kamu bisa bayarnya? Itu kan gak ternilai.

Bukan karena lemah, tapi hanya lelah selalu mengalah yang berujung pergi dan menyendiri. Dalihnya untuk menjaga diri. Sejengkal dua jengkal benar, sisanya masih misteri.

P.s. Lemariku sudah rapih

Harga Pulang

Tidak ada upaya romantisasi dalam sebuah harap ingin pulang. Harga yang harus dibayar tidak lagi mahal demi ada di rumah. Tidak melulu tentang nominal, melainkan waktu, jarak, juga kesempatan.

Pilihan itu banyak, tapi tanganmu hanya dua. Bukan untuk menggenggam yang kanan dan yang kiri, tapi untuk memeluk satu yang di tengah, agar erat dengan penjagaan yang tepat.

Travel memasuki perbatasan kota,
aku pulang.

Tanggal Merah

Mereka meninggalkan ibu kota, ingin rehat sejenak di daerah. Menghirup udara segar, merasakan suhu yang sejuk, lepas dari padatnya lalu lintas. Berharap menghilangkan penat sehari-hari, katanya.

Dasar manusia, ternyata tidak satu dua yang berpikir sama. Meninggalkan kota besar karena terlalu padat, malah memindahkan kepadatan ke tempat lain. Sementara ibu kota mengosong dan menjadi nikmat bagi mereka yang bertahan.

Ayo, jangan berhenti.

Ayo buat memori lagi, jangan berhenti di secangkir kopi.
Ayo jalan lebih jauh, jangan berhenti di trotoar megah.
Ayo bersua, jangan berhenti di suara.
Ayo bertemu, kita buat yang baru, jangan berhenti di masa lalu.

Ayo terus bersama, jangan berhenti di sini.

Dear Mas

It’s funny how we used to be “adek-kakak” for the sake of using “aku-kamu” and now the term has shifted to “mas” to mimic your sister, as well as the feeling I had,  has gone for good. Instead, it turned into something beyond. The most genuine I’ve known my whole life, when I only want you to have the best of the best, to do what you desired, be there when you need without being selfless, being open as we become a super best friends like family. Your inspiring bunda feels like mine, your lil’ sister matches my spirit animal.

Thank you Mas for everything. For years you taught me how to be strong, to recognize feelings I hardly understand by the aching in my chest, invited me to whatever projects you held, gave me chances to grow and develop myself, let me have a spot in your life.

You were my inspiration to write, my motivation to learn about short movie production, to express myself, to keep on smiling, etc. Those things internalized and became some things I enjoy. You might be the one who lit the fire, but I’m the one who keeps it alive. You’re the reason why I started, but I’m the reason why I keep going.

Hope you’ll never burn our bridge that has built for years, because I won’t let anyone who came and ever stayed, leave. Once you live in me, you’ll be there forever. Even if one day someone builds a home in me, everyone will still have their place. My heart is quite big to love them all, that’s why I do Priority. Who’s mattered come first. Looking forward to our extraordinary journey ahead! The challenges, mysteries to be solved, things to be made, knowledge to be delivered, etc. Wish you’ll get tons of luck!

Happy birthday,
Love you, but in a different way.

Why me?

I love how people can see through me. Acknowledge my potential, define me in their life, even if they want, put me on their priority list. I love how they can tell something I don’t know or realize, even encourage me to feel what I assumed unrequited as it turns out our feelings are mutual.

It’s simply because it was so tiring to do things alone, to feel some things alone, to fight alone. I rarely feel lonely or sad, as blooming flowers in a pot can bring excitement, summer breeze in a bright morning triggered an unstoppable smile. But when I reviewed what happened that day or that week or that month, I often found myself alone. If everything was supportive and so on, I could just sleep until the sun arose from the back of the east side. If it wasn’t, I might have trouble to sleep or wake up with a clear mind.

Days already have shits, it’s not my job to make them worse.